Christina Wilson
Northumberland - Peterborough South

Why Vote Green?

I’m Christina Wilson and I’m Green because saving the climate and the Earth is my number one priority. Real Climate Action will ensure that our children have a sustainable planet to enjoy for themselves in the future. There is no Planet B.

The mainstream parties say they care about climate change and make lots of promises. Ambitious targets look good on paper, but are simply meaningless unless there is the political will in Ottawa to follow through. Carbon emissions in Canada have increased every year for the last 6 years, the only G7 country to do so.

However, every time the Green share of the vote goes up by just one percent, the mainstream parties sit up and take notice. Any percentage they lose to the Greens is tallied by their strategists and poll experts, so they know that Canadians are serious about tackling climate change.

When we vote Green, we are not just voting for a party, we are part of an international grassroots movement to save the Earth. Every single vote tells our friends and neighbours, and everyone else in the world, that Canada is a leader in these trying times.

Thank you for voting Green!

Best Regards,

Christina Wilson